Working in a Clean Environment

Since the days of early schooling I remember teachers constantly making sure that  class rooms were kept neat and germ free. The fact is that a germ free environment is nearly impossible to maintain. But there are ways to improve these odds. Most offices , schools , banks , hotels , resorts , etc. choose janitorial companies to help keep these environments as clean and germ free as possible. Many  of us judge books by its cover, and find it unappealing to enter an environment that looks, smells, or feels unclean.

Something about good old organization that makes us feel at ease. In the business world first impressions are vital. Seldom are those who get two make a good first impression twice . And those who do are very very lucky. Besides personal desire and appeal  studies have shown that working in a clean environment sustains good health.  An environment with dust , garbage , bacteria , and dirt could seriously impact the health of the ones who have to work within these parameters. Studies have also  shown that working in a clean environment promotes productivity vs  an unclean environment which promotes procrastination and lack of enthusiasm.

Now to play it on the safe side , a cleaner environment is not only beneficial to the people who visit, but also to those who may spend 8 hours or more working their as well .  Ownership of maintaining a  clean and organized environment is surely a sign of good leadership and  success. It is only fair to everyone including ones self to maintain cleanliness not only in our living spaces, but also  working environments for it is the place in which we spend most of our time.